Guggenheim Bus

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao-Basque Country, May/2014


This is a Custom Made Live show, on request of JWT Agency, designed to promote the Ernesto Neto's exhibition on Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.

Probably one of the most exciting experiences in my life! 

Can you imagine making a live show in an ordinary city bus, where people goes up and down during their daily life?

It was very interesting to realise the time I would have with each "batch" of public and from there develop the dynamic of the performance. I discovered after the first show that I would have 15 minutes more or less with each group of public, so I decided to divide this time in 3 phases:

First recognition, just play music and have eye contact with people. Second- start to interact superficially with them, to show that I'm there to have fun and share that time with them. To finally gain their trust and really have them into the game. What a fun and growing activity!


Ernesto Neto is a renowned Brazilian artist exhibiting on Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Between his pieces/installations he had some "pieces" related to Rio de Janeiro street life, like the hawker selling candies in the bus. 

Based in the hawker that sells candies, Ain TheMachine developed a live show of Musica Biotronica inside an urban Bilbao bus, interacting with the travelers and making them participate in the music construction.


As Ernesto Neto is brazilian and his whole work is based in Brazil, I didn't had much choice than take all my brazilianess to ride.

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It won't stop global warming but you will enjoy it!