FinTechno Week

Fintech Week, Hamburg-Germany, October/2016


At the Fintech Week Hamburg, stakeholders from the fintech and banking sectors meet for a week to discuss the trends and concepts of the Fintech future. At various events from the network breakfast over the classic conference to the Hackathon, topics are deepened, solutions developed and contacts made.

In Hamburg 2016, the Fintech Week took place for the first time. More than 1,000 visitors from 10 to 14 October have made Hamburg the hotspot of the industry.


Ain TheMachine came across with the concept by making a pun with the name of the event, turning FinTech into FinTechno.

Based in this concept, Ain TheMachine recorded the sounds of the event and asked the participants to recreate any representative sound from Techno music.


Once having the Techno concept, there was not much more to do than a FinTechno!

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