As attention get shorter, it’s getting harder than ever to 

engage your audience. With so many messages fighting

for their attention, how can you ensure your brand or

event makes a lasting impression?

Do something different!

Music is a form of communication that transcends language and culture. And Importantly, it helps bypass the resistance people often have to marketing messages.

By using music as his main communication tool, Ain offers you a powerful way to connect with your audience.​

With over 12 years experience working with brands across the globe, Ain has the experience and knowhow required to deliver high quality work to a deadline.

Ain’s expertise and preparation has led him to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands such as:


Ain TheMachine offers a range of audio-visual formats designed especially to

suit the needs of the business world. From interactive live shows to innovative

music videos, Ain uses music, visuals and technology to bring your message to life.

Musica Biotronica Live

A stunning live show that your audience will remember

Ain’s performance breaks down barriers and creates a proactive atmosphere perfect for networking and crowd interaction.

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Turn your audience into the ambassadors for your event

A refreshingly innovative way to recap your event, communicate your message and generate an after event campaign.

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Ain TheMachine Games

Take your audience participation to an exciting new level

The crowd play music and interact with the audiovisual environment through technology. 

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Custom Made Show

Bring your concept to life live on stage

Ain will transform your message into an impressive audio visual performance tailor made to meet your goals and objectives.

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AudioGastronomic Live Performances

The live gastronomy music tasting

Engage your audience with a rich multi sensory experience, this performance hits all the senses in a totally innovative way. 

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Custom Brand Video

Product placement like you’ve never seen before...

Unique & engaging, the Custom Brand Video format uses music to connect with your audience in a creative and refreshing way.

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If you want to explore creative and innovative ways to deliver your message and engage your audience,

contact Ain TheMachine now.