Google Party 

Google City Experts, Madrid/Barcelona-Spain, Jan/2015


This was a mini Google tour with a show developed specially for the Google City Experts party in Madrid and Barcelona.

Google has the city experts, people who comments and rate bars, restaurants and a diverse range of places in many cities.

Periodically Google organises a party in different cities to gather all these experts and delight them with different attractions, tasting and discovers.


The concept of the parties was to show the city experts all the innovation that was going on in their city, for this reason Google counted on Ain TheMachine for the show. Based in this concept I decided to create a show using the sounds and the typical touristic objects of each city.

I had the luxury of collaboarting with Suso 33 doing the rise of the city with digital painting technique.


As we are talking about party, I didn't have much choice than choose a very upbeat repertoire, inspiring people to dance and participate in the show development.

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