Music is about Sharing 

TEDx Insead Business School, FontaineBleau-France, Aug/2015


This video is the recording of a memorable day, the first edition of TEDx Insead Business School in FontaineBleau - France, proposing the theme "Re- Think". 

It was a real challenge for us to do this kind of activity, that counts on audience participation, in a very formal and time controlled situation. In the end it is a TEDx Talk where everything is "under control", well rehearsed and "nobody improvises", imagine how "dangerous" it can be to bring so many people to the stage to make music.

But with a little bit of empathy, fun and lots of music we got everybody into the game.


Music is about sharing! More than a belief it's a passion that led Ain TheMachine to investigate around the different dynamics to make people get together around making music. 

The development of these dynamics was very natural and intuitive. Based on an empirical learning process, we discovered in each session what the most attractive actions and objects for crowd interaction were. We also discovered more effective and entertaining ways to communicate the idea and engage the audience in the game.


The idea is to get one song composed by Ain TheMachine and divide it in different visual layers and sound tracks. Through technology we connect the objects and actions (like dance, high five a mate) to control these tracks and invite the audience to play with it. For the people "outside" the installation we have another set of objects that they use as drums.

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It won't stop global warming but you will enjoy it!